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Game Night Help
Everything Educational can
help with a Game Night at your

Working directly with
your school, we'll help host an
open-house style event by
bringing a library of games that
emphasize math, reading,
memory skills and abstract

It will introduce parents to tools they can use at home and builds community by getting families playing together.
Your School Provides
• A place to play
(typically the cafeteria or gym)

• Tables and chairs
(enough for anticipated attendees)

• Parent/Teacher volunteers to
    help run games.
How it Works
So how does it Work?

• We provide the games that
    are used during the event.

• We help train your teachers,
    parents and volunteers how
    to play the games.

• We sell educational games
    that people enjoy playing.

• We require that your school
    purchase a minimum of $300
    worth of games.
    These purchased games can be
    used as door prizes or given
    to your teachers for classroom
How Far Will
We Go
So how far will travel?

• We will help host a Game Night
    at no additional cost within a
    30 mile radius of our zip code

• We can host a Game Night
    outside this 30 mile radius area
    for an additional traveling
    expense charge of $1.50 for
    each mile that your school is
    beyond this 30 mile radius.

    So if you want us to host a
    Game Night in Honolulu Hawaii,
    feel free to contact us.
Customize Event
We will work with you to
customize the event to match
your needs.

• We can focus on math
   specifically or broaden to
   include reading and
   geography. In general we
   suggest games that meet the following criteria:

• Games that are easy to learn
   and quick to play

• Games that are fun, but that
   have an educational

• A variety of games for
   different ages

• Some familiar games and
   some that will be new to

• Some games that people can
   sit down and do on their own
   and some that work best
   with a volunteer to help
    explain the rules.
Interested in a School
 Game Night?

Just click on the link below to
 get a printable information
 page to help get you started.